Download the game:

Thank you very much for registering. We are waiting for you in our meta verse. Now you need to download the client and start playing.

Download from the following links:

Client Download

Our patch download

ClassicUO Download

Razor Download

Installation Instructions:

After downloading and installing the official client, unzip our patch and copy the files to the game folder where you installed it. The folder is the same folder that contains the client.exe file. The patch contains maps.

Then Install ClassicUO and download Razor.

When opening ClassicUO, click on the gear

A screen like this will appear:

Fill in the data:
Profile name: The name of the profile you want, e.g., “AloneUO – User 1”

Username: Here you enter the username of the game that you registered here on the site

Password: Enter the password for the game you registered here on the website

Server IP: Enter our server address: “”

UO path: click on the folder in the right corner and enter the address of the folder where the game client was installed, from the first download link.

Client version: If this field does not fill in on its own, enter the following value: “” without the quotation marks.

Click on the “Plugins” tab

Then click “Add .zip”

And select the razor download zipped file. Which will appear as option Razor-x64-

Leave the box selected:

This is the assistant that will help you play in a more practical way.

Click on Save profile.

Now everything is configured and you can start playing. Click BACK to return to the home page, and click the big PLAY! button

From there, you will be in the game window and just need to follow the login instructions, then choose the server and create the character.
If everything goes well, after creating your first character by choosing the city of Britain, as in the example, you will see a screen like this.

Now just play! Thanks.