Gwin and Yolo are the greatest creative and opposing forces in the world, good and evil, light and darkness. Antagonistic and supplementary forces, non-existent on their own. They are the oldest records of Morion, a higher plane of existence than Sosaria.
It is known among the great archmages of Morion that these forces are in us all and are our creators. This is how it is taught in beginner lessons at wizard schools.
Gwin, as the primordial force of good, also called the Holy Light, for thousands of ages happily created several worlds. These, very different from the world we know, as they were perfect and eternal.
Until one day, he lay down to rest under a tree, in one of his universes. Some scribal scholars suggest that it was in Morion, in the capital Kirova, under the center of the current square, where the great fountain is located, present to the city, by the fifth King of Morion and also archmage, Dorian, the wise, who when resting in that place , was owned by Yolo. Some say that Yolo is a superior entity, others say that he is just a disorder of Gwin, but there is no consensus regarding the truth, as it is known, among the wisest magicians, that the truth is something far from our reach.

Gwin’s disorder

Yolo, also as the iron hand usually calls him, Lord of Blood. It gave rise to a plague that lasted for ages, known as the seas of blood, where all the water in the land of Morion turned blood red and smelled of iron.
This plague was the first killer in history and made all of Morion, an ancient paradise, know a new truth, that life ends and they say that such water had necromantic powers, but that such power was extinguished when Gwin woke up again.
From the first plague came what they call divine decadence, or fallen morality. Because it was from then on that death became part of life. Morion then became the scene of many wars, which ended up spreading across Sosaria and other lower universes.
Archmages of the iron hand in the age of the seas of blood, with the power of Yolo, created all kinds of vileness in the world, which we find today.

Orcs, Ettins, Dragons and others were created by Edgar the Implacable in his thousand-year campaign of the Second Age of Morion, in seas of blood.

Yolo’s death

The current archmages guarantee that Yolo and Gwin no longer exist and that this is nothing more than a fable. However, people say that the iron hand still exists and is very active in the world and that Yolo still lives too, as its existence is proof of this.

Wars exist, monsters too, spread all over the world. Could this be a fable? What is known is that if the iron hand still exists, it acts in secret, as there have been no official records of them for many thousands of years.

They say that Edgar became an Aquilich and lives to this day producing his offspring, being the closest “living” representative of Yolo and the iron hand.

Gwin’s Return

The legends say that Gwin woke up and everything was just a dream and that Yolo was actually the representation of death and Gwin of resurrection and that the stories told by the wizards are pure fiction, after all, monsters have always existed and there is no way of knowing how everything started.

The present day

Today, after millennia of these legends, there is a campaign by the Kirova Republic to extirpate all monsters and their origin.