AloneUO Systems

There are some server-owned systems that are currently working:

  • Level Map Ranking System: This is the main system of the server. It consists of nine maps and players only have access to these maps if they have their respective PvP or PvM ranks. e.g, A player of pvp level 3 rank and pvm level 4 rank, has access to the level 4 map. A player of pvp level 4 rank and pvm level 3 rank, has access to the level 4 map as well.
  • The pvp rank is the most difficult rank there is, because when you lose a fight, all your points are lost and a percentage is passed on to the winner of the fight. In the pvm rank, the player only loses a few points if he dies to a monster. As you rank up, you will have access to the next map level. The base points gained in pvp/pvm are the opponents’ life points.
  • The table of points needed to move up the rank is available at the bottom of the page.*
  • Players with points in the respective ranks will be able to exchange their points for silver coins and make purchases with silver coins on the store’s website.
  • A player cannot PvP on maps higher than their rank, even if they have access to the highest rank map based on their PvM rank level.***
  • To find out how much PvP/PvM rank you have, type the following command in the game: “[Rank“.

  • Silver Coins System: This system is interconnected with the Ranking Level Map (RLM). Players will occasionally find silver coins in monster loot. You will also be able to exchange your pvp/pvm points for silver coins within the server through a stone in the city of Britain level 0. These silver coins can be used as currency when purchasing items within the server store instead of using real money.
  • When making purchases in the store with real money, 100% of the amount invested in the server with the purchase will be converted into silver coins, 70% will be converted into silver coins in monster loot and the remaining 30% will be exchanged for rank.
  • The conversion rate, at the time of server launch, between Real/Silver coins is 1:1000, which may vary as the game’s economy develops. At the bottom of the page you also have the current conversion rate.**

  • Faction System: It is a broad game system designed to promote organized conflict between players in the society of Britannia. The fundamental purpose of conflict is to provide a foundation for the player’s conflict based on meaningful, contextual combat and conflict-related interactions. The system is designed to encourage the inclusion of a wide variety of player types through the use of game mechanics that appeal to a broad set of play styles.
  • Factions is a group PvP system that only exists in the Felucca facet. The system consists of 4 factions, 2 good and 2 evil, fighting for control of Britannia. Control is determined by eight Felucca cities (Britain, Magincia, Minoc, Moonglow, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper and Yew). Cities are captured by stealing the city’s Sigil, taking it back to their base, keeping it for 10 hours to corrupt, and then placing it back in the respective city. The city is protected for 3 days until the secrecy can be stolen again. All factions are aggressive towards each other, which means that each faction member can be freely attacked by members of another faction. This type of war only occurs in Felucca, the enemy faction’s players appear neutral in all other facets.
  • To join a Faction, visit the fortress of the one you wish to join and use the inscription stone located near the entrance. You will be given a cloak to show loyalty and can join the fight immediately.
  • Only on Felucca level 0

  • Champions System: The concept of champion generation is quite simple: kill many monsters to summon the champion. As monsters are killed, the spawn will level up to more powerful ones. Eventually, the champion will appear to try and defeat the intruders.

Todas as tabelas abaixo podem variar conforme o desenrolar do servidor.

*PvP/PvP Rank Table

PvP RankAccumulated points
Points required for each PvP rank level.
PvM RankAccumulated points
Points required for each PvM rank level.

**Silver coins conversion rate.

RealSilver Coins
Real/Silver Coins
PvP PointsSilver Coins
How many PvP points to convert into Silver Coins, if there are silver coins available in the silver coin bank.
PvM PointsSilver Coins
How many PvM points to convert into Silver Coins, if there are silver coins available in the silver coin bank.

*** Not implemented yet.